Montag, 6. Juli 2009
Meet Georg Strondl
who will assist at the photo and video workshop
my name is george,
i`m already 26 years old, but i look much younger and i even feel younger. i have finnished my studies in education of arts in vienna and will be a teacher in automn. i love painting and practise photographing and filming. i play football, like doing different kinds of sports and my favorit hobby is fishing.

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Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009
Meet one more Jewish Israeli participant:
Tomer Golan
Hi my name is Tomer Golan, I am fifteen years old and I live in kibbutz Ramat Yohanan.

In my kibbutz I work in the fields and enjoy it very much.

During my free time I play water-polo, play the guitar and hang out with my friends.

I have lived in the United States for four years and therefore know English very well. I have political issues and can never stop talking about it, but most of all I like to hear other people's thoughts about what is going on in the world and what they intend on doing in the subject.

I am very happy to have been chosen to go to the peace camp, because I would very much like to hear people's opinions on political problems, especially if they are looking at things from a different point of view than me.

I am willing to help out in any sort of issue that comes up no matter how painful or aggravating the subject may be.

So that's me and thank you for reading.

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Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009
A meeting in Israel

In May Ronny and I visited Israel and spent a day in Yagour and in Nazareth, where we visited both, the Zvulun High School of Kibbutz Yagour and the Galil High school of Nazareth. In both school we were received with a lot of warmth and greeted by the headmasters, a few teachers and participants of previous, as well as of the next, peacecamps. It was exciting for us to see some of the participants of previous peacecamps and to meet the two new delegations.
We came back to Austria with very good feelings and with the profound hope, that Israel, this beautiful country with its most wonderful people will eventually find the peace, quiet and prosperity that it deserves.
Evelyn, May 2009

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Freitag, 29. Mai 2009
Arab delegation to peacecamp

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pictures of the Israeli delegation

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Montag, 25. Mai 2009
Meet the Hungarian peacecamp-delegation
1. Eszter Balogh (F)
My name’s Eszter Balogh and I live in Budapest, in the 17th district. Its name is Rákoskeresztúr. I live in a semi-detached house with my parents and with my two bigger sisters. This house is about 40 minutes from my school. I go to the Szent László High School, to the class F. F is a very interesting class, because in Hungary you can study just here mass media. We make movies, films, radio programmes, and articles- it’s our homework. Sometimes, it’s very tiring, because we do these things after school, in the afternoons and evenings, and obviosly we have to study other subjects. But I like it, bacause I can meet and talk with new people. We make the news of two TV cannels: of the popular ATV, and of the less pupular, Zugló TV (Zugló is a district in Budapest, so it’s a local channel)
In my free time I meet my friends, surf the internet, go to the cinema ( I really like films), and take photos about people and the nature.
I like all kind of music, I think, every singers have good and bad songs.

2. Norbert Potornai (M)

I’m Norbert Potornai, and I’m 17 years old. I’m studying communication in my school, and because of that I like films and the things with that subject. I like talking about films, but I have no a favorite one. And I like music (I listen to a lot kind of music, because, there are just a few tipe of music, that I really don’t like, for example the disco.) I can play the piano, I used to have lessons, but because of the high school, I have no time to taking lessons. And the most important thing about me is, I’ve been dancing for 7 years. I’m dancing irish step dance. I hope you know, what is this. I think these things are the most important about me.

3. Rajmund Bakonyi (M)


My name is Rajmund Bakonyi, I am a a student of St. László Highschoool. My hobbies are photography, reading, fieldhockey, I like walking, and going out with friends. I think I am quite open to new things, I like to think about the happenings in the world, since I will turn 18 in less then a mounth. I think I can make new friends fast, I am rather talkative.

Well, that is all for now.


4. Franciska Strausz (F)

Hi =) My name is Franciska, my classmates love to annoy me with calling me Francis or Francsi (you can say any kind of nicknames but not these =D). I live in Budapest with my parents, and my lovely cat. I've got a 26-year old sister and a 29-year old brother, but they have already moved.

About me: I'm very talkative, but not at first. My friends say I always use my Colgate-smile, maybe because I love laughing. =) With my friends we often stay in the school after classes and have some fun together. I dance ballet for 13 years, and I like almost every kind of dance. In the summer I like getting up early with my friends, get some ice cream and see when the sun comes up =) I like foggy days because it's mysterious, and i also like being out when it's raining, it's fun =) I hate chocolate, and when it's so scorching in the summer that we can't go out. My favourite season is winter because my birthday is in January. I'm a drummer of a band (here i would mention the name and the members of the band, if it had a name and regular members...).

Well, I think that's enough for now. If you would like to chat with me here's my MSN messenger address:
See you in the summer! Bye

5. Kitti Pozsonyi (F)
Hi! I'm Kitti Pozsonyi.
I'm 16 years old and I live in Budapest.
I was born in decembre so i especially like this month.
My parent's are seperated so i live with my mother.
I'm really interested in music(singing) and dramatic art.
I was playing tennis for almost five years so i love playing sports.
In my freetime i listen to my favourite musics or watch films.
However i think the best programme when i travel or walk in our city because i think Budapest is one of the most beautiful city.I can spend a lot of time in the capital.
In addition,sometimes i cook because i can make a lot of foods mostly cakes etc...
I really like to know nem people and friends and i would like to know or try new things.
I'm really interested in other cultures and i'm looking forward to meet you in the camp.
That's all that i could write now but i hope we will have a good friendship.

See you soon!

6.Dóra Kótai

Hi there, I'm Dora Kotai and my nickname is Dori. I've been to the peacecamp of 2007 as a participant and now I'm going to accompany the Hungarian delegation.
I'm 19 and am having my final exams in high school, which will be finished in the middle of June, so I will be totally free by the time of this year's camp :) I'm planning to go to University abroad, so it's a great opportunity to meet foreigners the summer before. I've always loved having friends from other countries, and i love speaking English and Italian. I have two brothers and we live with our parents in Budapest. When I have a little free-time (which I don't have now because of my exams...) I love listening to music, to many kinds, but especially to some kind of rock. My other passions are reading and watching films, but I'm very censorious with them. I am very talkative and communicative. People always tell me I have a great sense of humour and I have to believe them :D
I think this peacecamp project is an experience you will never forget and I hope you will feel the same as me. (And I'm quite sure you will :)) See you in July!

7.Bence Ábrahám


My name is Bence Ábrahám, I'm sixteen, and I frequentate a bilingual school, where I study italian, and english, also. When I arrive home, I use the internet a lot, for reading articles, blogs, and things like that. I play the guitar, and try to play the piano also. I like singing, but I'm not so good at'll see xD. I like watching movies, the european ones above all, for example my favourite movie's are the Strange life of Amilié and the Pulpfiction (even if it's american:). My favourite books are the Love Story by Erich Segal, and the Misery by Stephen King. I never wathc tv, but I watch some series on the computer, for example South Park, Family Guy, and How I met your mother. I play in two rockbands as a guitarist, and I'm dancing acrobatic rock and roll. If I can, I do a lot exercises, I run, play soccer, or go cycling. I'm sure that we will spend 10 days together in peace and friendship!

See you soon!

Bence Ábrahám

8.Zsuzsi Kenderesi

Hi my name is Zsuzsi Kenderesi and I'm Hungarian. I have a lot of nicknames :) I think I already have at least fifty :) I live in Budapest with my family. I have a sister who is 24 years old and a brother who is 30 years old. He has a 2 year old baby who is the cutest baby in the world :) I have got a dog too who is 13 years old and the best dog ever :)
I think I'm a sociable person but at first sometimes I'm shy :) I like laughing so we always do it with my friends :) I'm a student at Szent László high school which is a very good school, I love it, and I like being with my classmates and other friends because we always have a lot of fun :) I have been playing volleyball for 2 years and I like it so much :) I like all kind of sports but I can't say I can play them well too :D I like reading too. My favourite book is Harry Potter :)
I can play the guitar but not very well, I have been learning it for 3 years. I like being outside and I like meeting new people. I would like to know other cultures so I think it will be a great camp with you :) My favourite season is summer because we can go outside and go roller-skating or swimming :)
I can't make decisions easily and I often lose my things so I'm not an organised person and it always bothers me but others say it's funny: D They think it's because I was born on April's fool day :) I don't know... :D
That was me :) I hope we will meet soon in the summer. Iâ019m waiting for this very much :)
If you want to talk with me here is my MSN address:
I would be happy if I could talk to you before the camp :)

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Dienstag, 28. April 2009
Meet Nurit Lass ....

..... who will show us that the world is not only problems,
but flowers

I am a psychotherapist who loved her work very much and felt completely fulfilled in it.
In later years I have enlarged my interest and learned about bodywork and about spirituality.
I decided to retire when I felt I was living too much in a bubble and wanted to get in touch more with "real life".
Like John Lennon I IMAGINE a world of love and peace
Like Leonard Cohen I "know there is a crack in everything but that is where the light comes in"
A peacecamp is one such ray of light

Bless you all

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Sonntag, 26. April 2009
This is the Arab delegation
peacecamp 2009
1. Marva Biatra

My name is marwa biatra I’m 16 years old I’m Arabic palestine girl live in israel , my birthday in 6 April, I love to laugh so much I like challenges I like to make chatting with my friends in the computer, and check the internet ,my Hobbies is to play basketball and I play good in addition athletics, my favorite singer from the Arab is elissa and from the Foreign is Mariah carry, I’m very funny girl and like to sit with my friends and talk and make conversations about any thing I’m very friendly and love to make friends and from another countries will be amazing .
I want to go to the peacecamp to talk about our history as Arabic people, and about the difficult that we face it in Israel specially the racism between arab and Jewish , and to talk about that with the Participants from many countries and to they accept my opinion and I accept their opinion, and I wish to affect about there opinion further more to learn each other about our Customs and traditions and their.
And I see this experience something new and sure will be difficult but I have to do because always will be first time in the life, and I sure this experience will be great and a will learn many new thing and I wish all of us have fun.

2. Abeer Omari

My name is Abeer Omari. I’m from Israel, I born and live in Nazareth. I’m in 10th grade. I’m a quiet and sensible girl. I’m of medium high and medium weight. I have a wavy brown hair, a light complexion and rose cheeks, and big brown eyes.
I have two brothers and no sisters. My mother is a supervisor nurse in health ministry, and my father is a head-nurse in “kopat holeem Leumit”.
I’m a member in “Young Entrepreneurs Israel” and in “Human’s Rights” course.
Nearly two years ago I participated in course of astronomy with Professor Mustafa Asfour in the Astronomical Observatory. We have learned about the solar system, moon, stars, and more of it. As we watched the stars and the moon through a telescope. At the end of this course we traveled to IZMIR city in TURKEY to NASA Space Company. It was very excited, and I enjoyed there so much.
My hobbies are: reading books about detective like the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, spying, Agatha Christie’s books Etc. I am also like swimming, playing sport games like handball, football and basketball.
My big dream is to attend the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and to be a computer engineer in the Microsoft Company.
I’m interested to participate in Peace camp in Reibers because I want to meet and to know about new cultures about different people and countries.
Another reason is I would like to present our Arab culture and to present our school.
I’m also an ambitious student and I’m looking for new adventures and to have more experience in life.
I’m full of hope to be accepted to this program.

3. Amjad milhem

My name is Amjad milhem ,I live in Nazareth,I am 16 years old,I learn in Eljalel high school,I have a three brothers, I am the youngest one .

My vision in the future I like to continue my studies in the university and the same time I hope to be also a famous football player.

I would like to share this trip to present my country and my city and all the arab people who live in Israel ,I would like also to know more about Austria and its tradions and people from all of the world.

4. Mohammad Ismael

My name is Mohammad Ismael, I'm 16 years old, I have one brother and one sister both of them are younger than I, I live in Nazareth, and I'm studying on the 10th grade in the Galil High School.
I'm a quite person, I have a quick temper, that's what I hate about me, any ridiculous and unimportant small thing could make very angry.
Sometimes I feels shy in front of people who I don't know and I think it influence me for bad especially when I over shy so I think I must get rid of this quality.
I like to set in front of the computer, everything in it it's interesting and exiting to me, I feel like I'm addicted but of course my studying is my first priority.
I like to participate in the Peacecamp because the chance to participate in projects like this doesn't come often and it's a unique experiment that not everyone can live it.

5. Joman Zoubi

My name is Joman Zoubi, I'm 15 years old, I live in Nazareth. I have two sisters and one brother.
Well, I would like to mention some of my physical appearance: I have an average look and a brown curly hair, and in relatively speaking I'm thin!!.
In my opinion I think that I'm a social girl, therefore it's so easy for me to make relationships. I think that will make me a special girl!!.
My favorite hobby is shopping, specially clothes because I always try to be "with it".
My ambition in my life is, first of all to be a successful girl of curse in my studies and on my future life, second to live a quite and peaceful life.
One thing should be clear that I want to go to Austria to deliver my message…I want to say that we (human being) all brothers…there is no different between Moslem or Christian or Jews…we all the sons of Adam and eve !! I'm sure that if you understand my message, peace will come true.
Finally I hope to stop the war in all over the world, and stop killing guiltless souls, because life is the most precious thing in the world.

6. Dunia Abu Al Naaj

Hi …
My name is Dunia Abu Al Naaj. I’m a 10th grader. I have three sisters who are my best friends plus my childhood friends Khawla and Joliana, in fact I have at least twenty close friends that I usually hang out, chat and went to trips with them.
I’m addicted to music and chocolate , in addition I like rollerblading and visit new places I’m also interested in meeting new people , that’s the reason why I joined a lot of projects that let me meet new people and explore new places in a very exciting adventures .
My hobbits are photographing (specially nature photographing) and making traditional Palestinian dishes.
In my free time I usually contact with my friends and family who are out of the city or the country.

7. Muhammad Hussien

I’m Muhammad Hussien, I live in Nazareth, My age is 16 years old, and I have two sisters and one brother. My best hobbies are playing football and folklore dancing.
I like to be in the future a famous and a successful player football, But my father wish and like for me to be a successful dentist.
The goal behind my participating to this project is meeting a new people which have different backgrounds comparative to me. These people come with different religions, cultures and traditions, so they have their own thoughts and own behaviors.
This project will show me many things that I’m not used to see, for that I will get the opportunity to connect and have fun with them, also I will offer my own thoughts which I believe, and performance my folk and my school abroad.
I’m sure that this chance will make me a confident person which have his own thoughts and own principles and I will be sure to present it.

8. Yasmen Emad Ebrahem

First of all My name is Yasmen Emad Ebrahem
I’m 16 years old , I live in Nazareth , learning in galil school
I have 2 brother & 1 sister .
I’m in middle of height and weight , I have a reddish tall hear as will as brown eyes .
My best hobby is nock dance , my ambition to be successful and famous person in my job in addition I hope to live in a peace world and to take my perfect rights in the Community.
In My childhood I faced many bad as will as good situation I was called an angel baby .
Now I’m proud of my self because I’m modest , caring and tender girl .

I want to go to Austria because its a big opportunity that i'll never miss on the on hand i'll present my country and in the other hand i'll meet a new cultures therefore i hope to make a new friends from different countries and Civilizations . to cut along story short, i hope that all the people all around the world will live a very quiet and peace life because life without peace like life without water that we never ever can suffer

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Mittwoch, 15. April 2009
Meet Maria Moritz
she will lead your Rhythm and movement workshop together with Linda Frey

Dear participants,
My name is Maria, I`m 31 years old and I will do the workshop "rhythm
and movement" together with Linda. It`s gonna be my third peacecamp
and each time it was a great experience for me, coming together with
so many young people, who want to change something. Also I benefit so
much from working together with people form different countries. For
that reasons I decided to do this camp again and contribute my part
to make this camp succeed.

I study "rhythmic/music and movement - education" in Vienna, which I
will soon finish :-)) I like music and dance, I´m very much
interested in theatre and performing arts and I like to do several
sports. Moreover I like to meet friends, read good books and I love
to travel,
I`m looking forward to meet you, maria

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Montag, 6. April 2009
Meet the Austrian group

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