Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009
These are the topics that will be dealt with on peacecamp 2009 by the Jewish and the Arab Israeli groups
Issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

I. Wars
1848-1948 War of Independence / Nakba
Six-Days-War 1967
Assassination of Israeli Team at the Olympic games 1992
Yom-Kippur War 1973

II. Peace-Talks
Camp David (1978) / Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty 1979
Israeli-Jordanien Peace Treaty 1994
Oslo-Treaties 1993-1995 between Palestinians and Israel

III. Israeli Politics
Annexation of Golan 1981
Lebanon War 1982
Non-recognition of Palestinians
Seperation Fence 2004

IV. Palestinian Politics

Intifada (1987)
Intifada (2000)

V. Gaza
Occupation 1967
Autonomy 1994
Disengagement of Jewish settlements 2005
War 2008/9

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Sonntag, 19. April 2009
Preparation of the Austrian group

Why should we be interested in Israel and Palestine?
Why should we be interested in Israel and Palestine?
Austria was renown as the center of the Jewish culture and Vienna was sometimes called „Jerusalem of the North“. We had world famous writers, composers, artists, actors, politicians of Jewish roots. The most important names are: Sigmund Freud, Arthur Schnitzler, Theodor Herzl, Gustav Mahler, Gustav Klimt, Berta Zuckerkandl, Hugo von Hofmannsthal etc.
However, throughout the centuries, the Jewish population of Austria was persecuted by the anti-semitic Christian majority, and this persecution reached apocalyptic proportions during the Nazi regime. 65.000 Viennese Jews were murdered in concentration camps with many more throughout Austria.
The sufferings that the Jewish people experienced during the Shoa further exacerbated their centuries old desire to have their own Homeland where they would feel at home and could live as Jews.
Therefore, this centuries old anti-semitism continues to haunt modern Austrian society and cause this blame game in its relations with Israel.
Finally, we have weak spots in Europe but they don’t threaten the world peace. The hot spots are the Islamic fanatics.
Gerlinde Farkas

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Sonntag, 12. April 2009
history4peace on peacecamp 2009
This year, all participating groups will prepare a chapter of contemporary history and present this on the peacecamp:

- Austrian group: "Was geht uns Israel an" (What do we have to do with Israel")
For details see

- Hungarian group:
Hungary in the EU and Jews in Hungary.

- Jewish and Arab Israeli: Independence or nakba: Main issues of the Israeli-Arab conflict

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Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008
History4peace on peacecamp 2008 by Wolfgang Fritz
Last years history workshop
history4peace 2008
were held by Dr. Wolfgang Fritz.
You can read his Reibers Lessons here:

1. Lecture held in Neupölla, October 11th, 2008
wolfgang fritz_israel von 1948 bis 2008 (doc, 82 KB)

2. The Reibers Lessons - workshop on peacecamp 2008, July 2008, in Reibers
thereiberslessons (doc, 207 KB)

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