Freitag, 28. August 2009
a private reunion in Budapest, summer 2009
Dóra Kótai
hi dear evelyn,
hope you had a great time in italy! where were you exactly? :)
the last week was just wonderful!!! three austrians from this year's camp arrived to budapest, o, florian and gregor. they came on the 18th of august and after all stayed until the 23rd. gregor came two days earlier and went home earlier as well, because of his training camp. it was so good to see them again :) i am very happy they could come, we really had a great time together. o stayed at eszti's place, florian at bence's and gregor at rajmi's, but we tried to be together most of the time. they met our hungarian friends as well.
the three jewish guys from my peacecamp arrived on the 19th, and we first met on the 20th. i cannot tell how amazing it was to see them again!! they lived in a flat of amir's mother's friend. there's a national feast in hungary that day, so we went next to the danube and watched a so-called "red bull air race", and it was very very hot, so kinga and i got sunburned... later that day in the evening we watched the fireworks and everyone enjoyed it very much. it was awesome! on the next day i stayed at home, because the sunburn caused a temperature. then it was already saturday when we went to a sight-seeing with the israelis (of course the others from this year showed the city to the austrians :)) and we met the austrians in the evening. we were at a place called gödör club, it's similar to museumsquartier. youngsters love that place very much.
so we sat together on the grass and talked about peacecamp, about everything and anything :) even noncsi, a hungarian girl from last year's camp was there, so we kinda did an unofficial reunion of the last 3 peacecamps :) we all said you would be very happy to hear about it :) it was an awesome thing, really, and yet so unbelievable that i haven't met the israeli boys for two years, and they were there, talking to this year's austrians! they were playing the guitar, singing, even dancing together, because there was a swing-party that night. we all met on the last day as well, and continued what we had started on the previous day. then the austrians went home by train, and i went to the airport with kinga, viktor, gábor and the israelis. we spent another one hour at the airport, waiting for the check-in to start. zsuzsi and franciska from this year, and noncsi from last year also came to say goodbye to their new friends :)
it was one of the nicest experiences of my life, i have to say. being together in hungary, with friends from all over the world was just perfect! i am so glad i could meet them again, and i'm already planning my trip to israel :)
also, we may go to vienna next week, on the 5th-6th of september. it's not sure yet, but if you are free on one of the days, it would be very nice to see you!
hope you are all well!
loving hugs, dori

ps: if you'd like to have a little summarize on the peacecamp blog, i can ask the kids to write you :)

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