Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009
Sleeping bag OR bed-sheet+ pillow+blanket, towels, white t-shirt (washed), family album, outline of contemporary history, spices, letter-noodles, music-instruments, clothes, snacks, gadgets for culture evening, etc.
Dear participants of peacecamp 2009
please bring the following things to peacecamp:

- SLEEPING BAG AND/OR bed-sheet+cushion+blanket


- inexpensive WHITE T- SHIRT on which you will print the peacecamp-LOGO (if new, please wash it before it gets the print)

- your FAMILY-ALBUM with photos, documents and texts about your family and origins

- your group's chapter of contemporary HISTORY
- your group's preparation for "Culture evening"

- SPICES or ingredients of your favorite food

- one simple EVERY-DAY-OBJECT to make NOISES with, which can be used for PERCUSSION

- any music instrument you play and can bring - guitar, flute, drum, snappers, etc.
- camera, video camera (if you have)

- your favorite MUSIC. Maybe some music of your own culture/country

- if it exists in your country: ALPHABET SOUP

- CLOTHES: please bring a minimum - we have very little storage in the hostel!!!!!!!! but don't forget to bring:

- houseshoes/slippers
- pyjamas
- underwear
- jeans
- shorts
- light short-sleave-t-shirts
- long sleave shirt
- 1 warm sweater
- 1 pair of good waterproof shoes/sneakers
- rain cover or waterproof jacket
- head-cover
- sun-protection
- mosquito-repellent
- toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
- some pocket-money to spend, just in case ;-)
- ping-pong-racket and balls, if you have some

- your favorite SNACKS and nibbles, just in case....

- whatever your group needs to prepare a CULTURE EVENING

- good mood, patience and the courage to try out new solutions to old problems

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